Certified Translation in All Languages

We offer certified translation services in all languages, especially in Arabic and English, to our corporate and individual clients 30 years of experience in certified translation. We also provide interpretation services in all languages.

Document Legalization and Follow-Up

We have your documents legalized by District Governorates, Istanbul Governorate, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Health, Ministry of External Affairs and Consulate Offices. We will pay necessary fees on your behalf and manage document follow-up process.

Certificate of Origin & Invoice, Export Documents

Certificate of Origin is a document proving the country of origin of the goods traded internationally. These certificates are issued by exporters or their legal representatives. When exporting to Arabic countries or some of the African countries, Certificate of Origin must be attested by the exporting company’s local Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as the consulate offices of the importing country. Attestation procedures require attestation of the invoice of the goods together with the certificate of origin.

We have a motor courier service for receiving and delivering documents within Istanbul. Companies outside Istanbul can also benefit from our courier service if they wish. We can also send the documents abroad via international shipping companies.

We carry out all document follow-up procedures for not only the companies located in Istanbul, but also the companies located all across Turkey. In order for us to proceed with the procedures, it is sufficient for companies to send their documents to us by mail or cargo. We ensure that the documents received are certified by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Governorate of Istanbul, and then we have the documents attested by the Qatari Consulate. We deposit the related fees and expenses in the relevant bank accounts on behalf of our customers. We provide consultancy services to our customers for all these certification processes and we perform these operations on behalf of our customers in a fast, safe and affordable manner.

Thanks to all these services, we ensure that companies located outside Istanbul can complete all these transactions as soon as possible without coming to Istanbul.

Medical Reports

We quickly and safely carry out the translation, notarization, governorate approval and legalization by the consulate of the State of Qatar for medical reports, whether they are in English or Turkish.

First of all, the medical reports should be translated from Turkish to English or from English to Turkish. After the translation, the document must be certified by the notary public, Istanbul Governorate and The Consulate General of The State of Qatar in Istanbul, respectively. We complete all these transactions for the citizens of Qatar from a single point.

It is sufficient for the citizens of Qatar to deliver a copy of their medical reports to our office via e-mail. Upon the request of our customers, originals of the medical reports can be obtained directly from the relevant hospital and then attestation procedures can be initiated. For this purpose, we have motor courier service in Istanbul. After the transactions are completed, we can give the documents to our customers by hand or send them to the address they wish. Throughout this process, Qatari citizens do not need to wait in our country. Our company can also send the finalized documents to Qatar by an air-cargo service.

The fees of all these transactions vary according to the number and quality of the documents. For detailed information, contact us to receive free consultancy service.

Citizenship, Residence and Work Permit

We provide consultancy services to the Qatari citizens who wish to get Turkish Citizenship through attorneys specializing in Citizenship Law, fill in application forms, take biometric photographs and translate documents such as identity register copy and medical reports.

Qatari citizens to stay in Turkey more than the time granted by the visa or visa exemption or more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit. Residence permits are issued for each foreigner separately depending on their purpose of stay.

We assist Qatari citizens to fill in the forms to obtain residence permit, give consultancy and sworn translation services in all languages and we offer office services such as photography and photocopy from a single center.


We provide consultancy services to Qatari citizens who wish to get education in our country or in Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada, translate their student acceptance form, diploma or transcript which may be requested during the application phase in a fast and reliable way.


In order to ease the workload of the consulates, some private companies are authorized for visa procedures in some European countries. Companies such as TLS in England, VFS in European countries, IDATA in Germany and Italy are authorized by consulates in the field of visa and document certification. Our goal is to be the only authorized company to carry out these operations in order to ease the burden of consulates and to provide consultancy to our customers in a faster and safer way.

We provide free information to Turkish citizens who want to get information about visa.

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